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In addition to inhouse repairs in our workshop Roadtech Services and supply of new and refurbished parts for Martin, ADB, and many other brands we also sell used equipment.

We have always a mix of well maintained desks and fixtures throughout the year.

Please contact our Support Team for advice and quotes.

Used Audio equipment   enter


Used Equipment for sale

1 Maxxyz  V2.92.411 , 32 Universes       € 1250,00 ex  each.

8 XLR fixed, cased


We offer a large stock of Case and Maxxyz parts  used and new for low prices.

Power supplies, Faders, Buttonboards, Midi boards, Output boards, Controller boards, main boards, Displays, touch screens and buttons.  Please, Call for more information.

Robe AT 250 spot  refurbished  ,    call for price

4 available,  comes with 3 month Warranty

1 Maxxyz+  V2.92.411 , 32 Universes       € 1500,00 ex  each.

8 XLR fixed, cased.

RUSH MH 4 Beam  ex DEMO 15 working hours   Sold

1 Maxxyz full size     € 1050,00 ex  each.

8 XLR fixed, cased   with dustcover

issues with old Mainboards

For use with newer setup and hardware,  front USB tested &OK

ready for transfer to new system with Onyx PC

Kit 1      Fader  MAXXYZ

-8      P&G  Slider faders

-5     Motorised fader master

-5     Motorised fader slave

€ 350,00

Kit 2    Buttons/Display buttons MAXXYZ

-1     Playback button board               -     2 Display Button boards 5D

-2     TFT button boards                      -     Key pad + Go

-1     Display button board 10 D         -     Funtion keys board

€ 450,00

Kit 3   Hardware  MAXXYZ

-1     Mainboard                                     -     1 PSU

-2    TFT Touch screens                        -     Key pad + Go

-1    Output board DMX                        -     Midi/SMPTE board

€ 450,00