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About us

We'll fix anything that goes up to eleven!

Roadtech Services in the current set-up was founded in 2003 by Victor "Livingstone" Anderssen and Birgit "mrs B" Depoorter.

As an all round road technician Victor, working in the international touring business since 1978, filled the gaps in between tours by starting a workshop in Belgium. By 2011 the turn over in shop work was no longer on par with touring. 33 years of touring & corporate work also took its toll health wise and a combination of both was no longer feasable.

In 2014 Roadtech Services was taken over by Arovitec BV with a new management that streamlined & extended its services.

A move to our new location in 2016 prompted a doubling in size and capacity of the workshop.

As from January 2017 our service department has diversified its activities with maintenance & repairs of rigging facilities.

By 2019 Roadtech Services teamed up with JG Electronics to develop a variety of applications for hoist control, DMX, Artnet, audio and energy appliances.

The development of the Pino Solutions products such as the Easy Switch, a dimmer upgrade for conventional ADB dimmers, is a token of their continued collaboration in the development and manufacture of theatre equipment and apps. (read more here)

Roadtech Services still carries out the same quality service today you have come to expect. Instead of building a local hospital every day in corridors, trailers or public restrooms, we now work from our shop in Belgium to bring you


Our Services

About us

The RTS Team


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Pino Solutions R&D

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What do we do?

Roadtech Services is an independent technical facilitator. Our team specializes in the repair and maintenance of dimmers & power distribution, controllers, DMX/Artnet network equipment and rigging equipment such as studio hoists.  

We can help you with maintenance, on-site support, technical advice, upgrades of existing dimmer installations and customized set-ups for network and power distribution.


On an as-needed basis

Roadtech Services carries out maintenance on your equipment or installation whenever required.

Maintenance in our workshop or on site is possible. This can range from cleaning out your devices to a full service including some repairs, regular updates, improvements and upgrades.

Need to comply with regulations for quarterly of yearly technical inspection? Contact us for preparation and advice!

Service Contracts

Roadtech Services offers service contracts for rental and fixed installations. Service contracts keep your equipment up to date, reliable throughout its lifetime and gives you more value for money / best return on investment possible on your equipment.

Ask for our wide variety of service contracts ranging from basic cleaning to full maintenance.

↪︎ Special services for theatres installations for most theatre brands.

↪︎ Full maintenance packages for specific sites.

Our service department and partners carry out maintenance on:

Power supplies, ballasts, driver and control boards

Conventional and digital dimmers (triac & thyristor)

Power distribution (direct or remote switched)

Automated lights*

Static and conventional lights

Lights with fixed wheels, CMYC & RGB colour systems

Effect equipment like projectors, strobes and disco effects*

Light sources with Discharge, LED and Tungsten*

Architainment lights, Exteriour lights*

(*) We currently outsource some work to our partner Light Support

Customized Power & Network Distribution Systems

For every venue and situation we can offer bespoke power and network distribution systems.

Lighting controllers and data distribution

     (sACN, DMX, RDM, Art-Net, MIDI & SMPTE)

Snake & CAT wiring

Hoists, hoist control, cabling & lifts for rigging

Flybar upgrades: quick and efficient solutions for cable management                (power & data transmission)

We are an official LSC Control systems dealer

Upgrades for existing dimmer installations

Roadtech Services has partnered with JG Electronics to develop the Pino Solutions Easy Switch. This dimmer upgrade for all types of conventional ADB  dimmers lets you switch from dimming to fixed, safe 230V.

In addition to the Easy Switch range, the Easy Power Series presents an adaptable and flexible alternative to a new power distro install.

Check out the Pino Solutions website for more information on these upgrades.

Service contracts, why?

Save money and make budgeting easier

Get more our of your hardware of facilities

Focus on onther things and leave maintenance to the pros

Expert technicians at your disposal

Emergency support when you need it

Peace of mind with high standards

Reliable equipment

Service Engineer

Product Specialist



Service Dog

Data Protection Officer

Senior Service Engineer

Pino Solutions R&D


On site support, advice & upgrades

We provide on site support when required for:

Technical inspection

Fault finding

Improving or upgrading of existing installations

Advice for new-builds & theatre renovation

Emergency support

Auditing or starting up a technical service department

Call us. We can help.