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ADB Lighting Dimmer Parts

ADB Lighting Hoist Parts

Eurodim Connector Parts

● Connector holders, pins, busses, copper clips  

● Fuses (complete assy), fuse holder, fuses (12A, 16A, 25A)

● Indicator PCB, Solid State Relais, cabling

● Chassis and front stickers

Portable Dimmer Parts

● Main PCB, Display PCB

● Transformers

● Connectors, triacs, thyristors, Solid State Relais

● Fuse assy, fuse holder, fuses 12A, 16A, 25A.

➤ We also repair & service dimmers. Fill in an RMA form or contact us.

➤ For dimmer upgrades: Pino Solutions

ULM Hoist Parts

● Overload switches, No-Load switches, Relais

● Bottom/top switch box

● Upgrades: PCB upgrade & sensor cabe upgrade

● Motor/reductor,

● Steel Cable, Ferrules for crimp

PWS-2 Hoist Parts

● High limit switch, Low limit switch, Safety switch, Relais

● Bottom/top switch box

● PCB upgrade

● Motor/reductor

● Steelcable, Ferrules for crimp.

PMM-1 Hoist Parts

● Detector plate

● High limit switch, low limit switch, safety switch

● Bottom/top switch box

● PCB upgrade

● Motor/reductor

● Steelcable, Ferulles for crimp

What we can also offer you

➤ Maintenance and repairs of ADB Dimmers, Desks, Hoists and Luminaires.

➤ Upgrades for ADB Dimmers: Pino Solutions


ADB Lighting

Spare Parts for sale

Until stocks last!

Roadtech Services is your exclusive ADB support address for repair, maintenance and Pino Solutions!

Contact us today for maintenance, repair or upgrade of your dimmer infrastructure or touring racks.

ADB Lighting Fixture parts

Europa Fixture Series, Warp & WarpM

● Connector holders, pins, busses, copper clips  A small selection of spares is still available.

Contact us for availability.

If we are unable to help, please contact our partner Light Service in Vienna, Austria. They have an excellent webshop where you can find what you are looking for.