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We are offering a quick and affordable priced solution ( Maintenace and repair) for ADB portable dimmers  and ADB fixed cabinets dimmers, dim modules of Eurodim 1, 2, 3 and Twin Tech dimmers.  

Repair and maintenance prices are incl. upgrades or modifications if needed.

Specials: In need for Fixed power on your dimsockets for moving lights we have ED switchpanels for direct power  Switchblock ED2/3 with 2 breakers.

ADB Dimmer repair

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Software and Firmware

Roadtech Services repairs lighting, effect, video, LX controllers, dimmers, switches and audio equipment incl. players and turntables

All regular maintenance for automated lights, audio and effect equipment incl. fixed installations in theatres and clubs.

All parts for DIY repairs from major lighting manufacturers are available and come with advice.




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New names and new part-numbers for ordering fluids.

Jem released a new list, so it is clear which fluid has been replaced by their new products and the new Martin /Jem part numbers for ordering. The Fluid Matrix will tell you which fluid can be used from now on for your Smoke/Haze machine.

New Fluid Matrix  Martin/Jem Cross References  How to clean your Smoke/Haze machine

Or Call for more information.

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NEWS     Avolites service and warranty

Roadtech Services is appointed for the technical back-up and repairs; including all warranty issues.

You can contact us for spare parts, maintenance and repairs.

For standard repairs and warranty claims you need to use our RMA system as usual.

For spare-parts repair, warranty and upgrades you can contact us @ Roadtech Services





Demo Pino Solutions Easy Switch for ADB Dimmers only online

-     NEW : Prego Software 3.0 for ADB Liberty and Freedom

-     NEW :  Easy Switch V4 Available with Remote relays

-     NEW : V4 19" for touring racks and fixed set up of 19 " dimmers.

-     NEW :  Vintage Film and TV lights with LED voor ambience use

-     NEW :  Corona Service  contact us to get service done in this downtime.

-     NEW :  Pino Easy Switch available for Compulite, Electron, PLS, MA and Strand dimmers.



Op dit ogenblik werken wij met gesloten atelier en kantoren.

Het ophalen en brengen van herstellingen is enkel mogelijk via afspraak. Bel +32 479 56 08 55

Bij bezoek: dragen van een mondmasker en handen ontsmetten verplicht.

Hou voldoende afstand tot onze medewerkers.

Voor onderhoud of Easy Switch installatie email ons

Al uw vragen en verzoeken worden steeds op afstand afgehandeld.

Hierdoor kan de behandeling ervan echter iets langer zijn dan u normaal verwacht. Dank voor uw begrip.

En ce moment, nous travaillons avec ateliers et bureaux fermés.

L’enlèvement et livraison des réparations ne sont possible que sur rendez-vous. Sonnez +32 479 56 08 55.

Durant votre visite: le port d'un masque buccal et désinfection des mains sont obligatoires.

Gardez une distance suffisante par rapport à nos employés.

Pour l’entretien ou l'installation d'Easy Switch, envoyez-nous un email

Touts les demandes et questions sont traitées à distance. Cependant, cela peut prendre un peu plus de temps que prévu.

Merci pour votre compréhension.

At this moment we are working with closed workshop and offices.

Collection and delivery of repairs is only possible by appointment. Call +32 479 56 08 55.

When visiting: wearing a mouth mask and disinfection of hands mandatory.

Keep sufficient distance from our employees.

Our Maintenance service is available by email

All requests and questions are handled remotely. However, this might take a little longer that you normally expect.

Thank you for your understanding.

Overzicht sluitingsdagen en uitzonderlijk gesloten 2020

Calendrier des jours de fermeture et fermeture exceptionnelle 2020

NEXT:   Wednesday 11-11-2020 till Monday 16-11-2020


    Maintenance -  Onderhoud - Entretien

•  This Corona-period is ideal to catch up with maintenance and correct long existing errors and repairs!

•  De Corona-periode is het ideale moment om onderhoud in te halen en lang bestaande problemen op te  lossen.

•  Cette période Corona est idéale pour rattraper son retard sur entretien et faire des réparations.

   Call our Service Hotline:      +32 479 56 08 55           or send us an  email

Due to Covid 19 there are no events scheduled.