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Roadtech Services repairs lighting  effect, video, LX controllers, dimmers, switches and audio equipment  on our supported brands

All regular maintenance for automated lights and effect equipment incl. fixed installations in theatres and studios of our supported brands.

All parts for DIY repairs from major lighting manufacturers are available and come with advice.




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Demo Pino Solutions Easy Switch for ADB Dimmers only online

Due to Covid 19 there are no events scheduled.

Overzicht sluitingsdagen en uitzonderlijk gesloten 2022

Calendrier des jours de fermeture et fermeture exceptionnelle 2022

NEXT:    26th & 27th of May 2022

               22nd - 29th August 2022

Pino Solutions

Hoist maintenance

Corona Info

The Pino Solutions "Easy Switch" is available in a wide variety and for many brands fixed install and portable.

Studio Service for Rigging equipment & ADB  Hoists.

Roadtech Services is working with closed doors during the Pandemic.        Call +32 479 560855.

Vintage Lighting

Vintage lighting converted to LED for ambient and decorative lighting

if we want to survive in our branch we have to keep using our mask for now

Please do not listen to our politicians and use your own common sense

Use of mask mandatory in our workshop & offices

Workshop only open by appointment

Pick-up & return only by appointment

Please call our service hotline +32 479 56 08 55

Jem Fluids

New names and new part-numbers for ordering fluids.

Jem released a new list, so it is clear which fluid has been replaced by their new products and the new

Martin /Jem part numbers for ordering. The Fluid Matrix will tell you which fluid can be used from now on for your Smoke/Haze machine.

New Fluid Matrix Martin

Fluid Cross reference  

How to clean my Martin Smoke/Haze machine


Pixel Fix

Roe Visual Led Video module repair up to 5 mm pitch

Fly-Bar upgrade


Cue 2022 Rotterdam

(Rescheduled - Date TBA)


Fly-bar upgrade

Road works until end of 2023 on the Herseltsesteenweg (N19)

You can only access Roadtech Services from the Liersesteenweg (N10).

See our 'How to find us' page for more information

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