Changes to service October 2022

zaterdag 1 oktober 2022 15:33

After two decades as a dedicated Martin Service Partner Roadtech Services will no longer repair Martin Professional lighting. We do however still carry out maintenance on your lighting stock, both in our workshop or on site.

Roadtech Services have been focussing on other activities as announced in April 2021. We know this will be disappointing for the many, many companies we have been helping over the years. We would like to thank them for the trust they have placed in us to maintain and repair their lighting stock.

We have recently stopped supporting/servicing several brands due to poor support from the brand factories concerned (lacking handling, feedback, continuity or spare part availability). 

By now many leading lighting brands have switched to LED sources. Tungsten and discharge fixtures are being phased out and put up for 2nd hand sale in abundance. Spare parts and repair fee are often more expensive than buying used equipment.

This development has been speeded on by new European regulations. It has forced bulb manufactures to stop production -in the very near future- for conventional lighting sources for our industry.

However, brands we continue to support are listed on our ‘What we do page’.

Feel free to ask if we can still help to keep your equipment working. 

Please note that we can work a little magic now and then but we are not magicians and can’t conjure up parts that are obsolete!

We can still help you with Martin spare parts as long as stocks last, feel free to contact us. 

Our new service goals are: maintenance, problem solving and development of transition solutions for power & lighting in the entertainment industry.

We have recently been focussing on service in broadcast studios, theatres and cultural centers. 

Dragging old infrastructure into the 21st century is our forte! Contact us for tailor made solutions for your hoists, dimmers, controllers and conventional lighting stock!